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go_team_awesome's Journal

Team Awesome
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"Team Awesome can do no wrong!"

This is a community set up to fulfill lalaithlockhart's challenge for others to share their music playlists and reading recommendations for the year.

Some of the ideas for playlist themes that came up were music to study to, music to write essays to, creativity-inducing music, music to listen to during terrible weather, weird-dream music, emo-angst music, and almost-at-the-finish-line music.

The reading lists might include topics like Shakespeare, feminism, war poetry, Age of Sail books, or robots. I'm really hoping someone takes up the last one. :)

While a bunch of us already know one another through the Great Shakespearean Reading Series, anyone is welcome to join and share their recommendations. Maybe we can also post times for GSRS meetings and group coffee dates?